Not your typical talk therapy!

Holistic therapy is not just about analyzing the emotional state or changing thoughts and behaviors. It’s about all the way in which YOU interact with your world and your overall sense of being. During these sessions, you will be guided toward self-awareness and allowed to lead your own journey through self-discovery and healing

Maybe you’ve tried traditional talking therapy in the past, maybe you felt like your previous therapist treated your symptoms, instead of finding the cause of the problem and healing the root of the issue

Maybe you’ve experienced chronic stress or physical symptoms that do not respond to medical treatment. Although therapy does not cure your pain, it will teach you to be aware of where the pain originates in your body, look at behaviors  that might contribute to the pain and identify possible stress triggers

Lana will meet with you for an initial session where she will ask you screening questions to get to know you better. It is important that trust and rapport is developed in the therapeutic relationship before any deep work can begin. You will then meet with Lana at a frequency that works best for you and your emotional needs.

In addition to individual therapy, Lana also offers a series of empowerment workshops – that focus on teaching you to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness skills.


Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Holistic Mental Health Therapy

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