For as long as humans have existed, we have been cultivating relationships with plants for food and medicine. Holistic Herbalist Sarah Sorci finds working with medicinal herbs to be nourishing and empowering on many levels.

Nearly a quarter of pharmaceutical drugs are currently derived from plants—a testament to the effectiveness of plant constituents. However, when we use whole plants in place of isolated chemicals, we access benefits more similar to whole foods. While drugs serve a respected function for many individuals, whole plant medicines generally include nutrients, antioxidants, and constituents that improve the tone, function, and overall health of body systems. Just as one nutrient in a whole food can aid the absorption of another, medicinal plants often possess combinations of constituents that enhance effectiveness, or reduce possible side effects.

Around the world, plant-based remedies are an integral and safe component of conventional medicine. In Germany, 70% of physicians prescribe plant medicines; 600-700 herbal remedies are available to them.

Like other holistic practices, holistic herbalism explores possible solutions in one’s lifestyle before offering other treatments. We will discuss diet, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, quality of relationships, etc. before looking to herbs for additional support.

Sarah is passionate about sharing information with clients, empowering individuals to make their own decisions regarding herb selections and lifestyle changes. Following a consultation, Sarah typically sends a detailed email explaining recommendations. This includes properties of herb(s), how these properties may support your body, and relevant sources for further reading. Sarah is not a medical doctor, and will not prescribe. It is the client’s responsibility to decide which suggestions to implement.

Initial Consultation includes:

  • 1.5 hour visit. Sarah will gather detailed information about health history, diet, body constitution, lifestyle habits, supplements and medications used. We will work together to formulate a protocol working towards your wellness goals
  • Detailed follow-up email from Sarah with information and research about suggested herbs or lifestyle changes
  • Email or phone time with Sarah to answer any questions

*Prior to consultation, please complete the Consultation Form below and email to Sarah will have a copy of the Consent Form for you to sign at your first meeting with her.

Follow-Up Consultation includes:

  • 30 minute wellness visit to discuss health updates, and identify appropriate progression or changes in wellness protocol.
Holistic Herbalism

Holistic Herbalism

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Sarah Sorci

Sarah Sorci

Holistic Herbalist