A Holistic Health Coach work with clients in a 1-on-1 setting, focused on creating a sustainable, healthier, lifestyle. As a health coach I have been trained in nutrition, counseling, relationships, spirituality, physical exercise, and transformational coaching skills. Additionally, as a mentor I act as support system to clients who are ready to live their best life. The word “holistic” means that we focus on the whole person, and understand that each part of your life are not separate from the others – they all affect your overall wellbeing.

A Health Coach is perfect for anyone who may already have health goals in mind, but are finding themselves struggling to achieve it, as well as anyone who is unhappy, maybe feels stuck and can’t figure out what area of their life is out of balance. Together, I will support you in discovering the root of your blockages and take small, manageable steps towards becoming your best self. I come to you with the genuine belief that you already have all the tools you need — all I do is help you discover them and find the best way for you to use them. It is my belief that there is no “one size fits all” solution, which is why we work closely together for 6 months or more to optimize your results, compared to meeting with your doctor for a brief 15-minute appointment and leaving with just 1 recommendation.

How it works:

Each session is 1 hour, twice a month for 6 months.

At each session we:

  • Discuss goals and concerns
  • Cover related health and wellness topics, and answer any questions you may have
  • Review your progress, challenges and victories.
  • End each session with small, achievable goals to work towards before the next session

Each session will build upon the last. Additional benefits of my program are: recipes, guides, cooking demonstrations, kitchen makeover, farmer’s market tour, and many other fun activities including 1-hour private yoga class. I also provides email support between sessions.

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Health Coaching

Health Coaching

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Alisa Tiburzi

Alisa Tiburzi

Yoga Instructor & Health Coach