Stephanie Caputo

Stephanie Caputo

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Stephanie Caputo : Personal Story

Stephanie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health with a specialization in Healthcare Administration in May 2015 from Daemen College while raising her four daughters and being a single mom.

Stephanie Caputo : Professional Story

She started working as a Nutritionist for EatSmart New York though Cornell Co-operative extension of Erie County and The Chautauqua Center in July 2015. Stephanie taught regularly at public schools, library’s, food pantries, health care centers, job training programs, and more.

While working for EatSmart New York, she decided to further her education in nutrition and completed several certifications in 2017 including Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Weight Management Specialist. She will continue to pursue her Sports Nutrition Certification,  Board Certification in Nutrition from the American Naturopathic Medical Board, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Certification in 2018.  

Stephanie has been in the health and fitness field for over ten years and spent a number of years working as a personal trainer.

At a young age she battled eating disorders which left her malnourished and sick resulting in adrenal fatigue. Through holistic care, proper nutrition, and supplements she was able to heal her body.

Stephanie loves reading and listening to podcasts to help her to further her education in holistic and functional nutrition. She also loves traveling and her favorite place to be is at the beach! Believe or not she also enjoys cleaning as her Italian family etched that into her character. Stephanie loves eating sushi and Chipotle!

“The foundation of life is through health and the foundation of health is through nutrition” ~ Stephanie Caputo

To connect with Stephanie please call 716-727-0616 ext. 803.

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