Lana Shapiro

Lana Shapiro

Fitness Instructor & Licensed Mental Health Therapist
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Lana Shapiro : Personal Story

Lana is a mental health therapist turned health and wellness advocate and fitness instructor. Lana has a passion for helping people recognize the best in themselves and encourage them to make changes in their lifestyle to become the best version of themselves. Lana experienced her own battles with weight fluctuations, unhealthy relationship with food, onset of a medical condition and post-partum depression/anxiety after the birth of her second child. Lana firmly believes in the mind-body connection and using holistic approach to find balance and harmony for overall well-being.

Lana Shapiro : Professional Story

Lana is a licensed mental health therapist who obtained her B.S in psychology from University at Buffalo and later received her post-graduate education at Canisius College. Lana worked as a mental health therapist at a Community mental health clinic for 10 years. After becoming a mother, she stepped down from her role as a therapist and started training new therapists coming into the field.

Lana ventured into the world of fitness and nutrition when she felt the need to become healthier for her children and her family. Lana discovered that a change in lifestyle helped her lose weight and improve her overall quality of life. She became an advocate of healthy lifestyle change through offering online coaching support and later obtained her fitness instructor certification to start teaching live fitness classes.

Lana is currently pursuing an online program to become a certified health and nutrition coach.

She loves to learn and educate herself, she loves to read personal development books and feels inspired by authors who have overcome their own personal adversities.

To connect with Lana, please call 716-727-0616 ext. 809.

Services Offered

Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Holistic Mental Health Therapy